Splatoon Anniversary Giveaway!

With the new game coming up I am going to do a giveaway. You can win this super cool Splatoon 2 hat featuring the pink inkling girl with short hair. The hat is made by me and made from super soft fleece ♥ All you got to do is check my social media instagram, facebook and twitter, read the rules and enter there for a chance to win this super cute hat!

Splatoon Giveaway

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My thoughts about social media

Just my thoughts about social media! And keep in mind, this is my opinion and it is how I experience it!

With websites like Instagram, facebook, twitter and/or tumblr etc it is allot about the popularity and attention (+follow, thumbs up, share, retweet, double tap etc) you get rather then expressing yourself the way you want! I mean I get it, because without the proper followers you won’t receive any feedback + everyone likes to get positive attention! And as an artist you need this base in able to make a living of your work. But it becomes a competition and this can either boost yourself up or put too much pressure on you.

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Why blogging here!?

Why not blogging on other websites like, blogger, weebly or tumblr? Simple, I want to keep it personal (and looong) and I don’t do that on social media which I mostly use for sharing my work and fun memes (it’s more visual)!

I want to blog on my own website where I can share my thoughts in a simple way, without frills. Beside it’s useless to make a personal website if you make it a static one. It’s also nice to have everything in one place, for example don’t you just hate to say “Hey here is my website, but you need to go to this other place for my portfolio and my blog is somewhere else too” it just doesn’t stick. And that’s why I think WordPress is a perfect way to create a personal website with a portfolio and a blog! And that’s coming from a person that started to get really annoyed by wordpress, but I have to admit in the end it offers exactly what I want for a personal website.

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