Splatoon Anniversary Giveaway!

With the new game coming up I am going to do a giveaway. You can win this super cool Splatoon 2 hat featuring the pink inkling girl with short hair. The hat is made by me and made from super soft fleece ♥ All you got to do is check my social media instagram, facebook and twitter, read the rules and enter there for a chance to win this super cute hat!

Splatoon Giveaway

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Hoarding fabrics!

So I have been sick for a while and it’s time to get back into it. I am going to start slowly and build my hours from now on. I am a bit sad everything is not going super well for me work and health wise, so I really hope I will feel better soon. For now I just need to take it easy :O


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2 x Hoodies!

Just a quick portfolio post!

So I finally took the time to make a proper photo collage of 2 hoodie commissions I’ve made that I really wanted to share ♥ since I haven’t really updated my portfolio page yet :O

Below you see a calico cat design which was really a fun design to work with. Adding the patterns took a bit of extra time, but totally worth it in the end. It’s a really a great fit and kinda makes me want to make one for my own ♥ ^_^
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Just one more hat

Almost there!

Just 1 more hat and I will be completely done with my Etsy orders. A little bit (cough…lots more)  longer then I usually take, but now that I have job too it takes a bit longer for me to work on projects.

I closed my shop once I started my job a while ago and now I am finally rounding up my final orders. It is such a relief, because that will mean I can finally focus on some of my other projects that have been waiting!

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Custom Rat Onesie

A finished Custom Onesie for Hoggy, that I actually finished a while ago (but didn’t sort out photos until now :P). Very happy with this one, proud! This was a trade and she made a beautiful original fine art painting in return featuring my favorite animal, elephants ♥

I have been making onesie commissions since 2013 and I have grown and learn allot while making these. I love making and wearing these myself, they are super comfy. A huge thanks to all my supporters that made it possible for me to do so!
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Custom Onesie

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Castlefest here I come!

Woooh we just bought our Castlefest Tickets! I am so excited ♥ What’s that you may ask? Well it’s super fun, you can find info on their website www.castlefest.nl It’s a festival for people that loves fantasy and folk music and so much more! I have been going to fantasy fairs since I was a kid and I have always enjoyed this kind of things. I used to dress up allot, not anymore tough and I love dragons, wood elves/nature and folk, new age music & so much more! ♥
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Photo of me with the bolero I've made. & Castlefest band 2016

Photo of me with the bolero I’ve made & Castlefest band 2016

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So many Splatoon Hats! ♥

I’ve been making Splatoon Hats for the past 1,5 years.

Something that started out as my very first fleece hat turned out to be a huge success. I Just started to make these after playing the game Splatoon on the Wii U and I immediately became a fan of the game! 😀 Till this day I still love to play the game and will be looking forward to the sequel Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch!

In able to sell these hats which where custom/handmade by myself I had to open a shop. I started with a google form and advertised on Facebook and other sites. I didn’t expected to sell allot after my first prototype and was hoping for maybe a handful of orders. This quickly turned into 20 orders for my first batch. My mind was blown that so many people where interested in these and yes 20 was allot for me :P. Everything made me really excited to start sewing more of these hats.
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Me featuring 2 of my latest hats (Hatsune Miku hat and Inkling Girl from Splatoon 2)

Me featuring 2 of my latest hats (Hatsune Miku hat and Inkling Girl from Splatoon 2)

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I guess “plushies” will be next!? ♥

Remember that poll I did a few weeks ago!?

Well here are the results :3 This is going to be a quick post, because with the new job it’s become harder for me to make time for these :O (wasn’t quick at all :P)

So in my Poll I asked what do you like to see next time I open commissions? For example this could be art or custom hoodies! I’ve also added new things ♥ In the end I’ve gotten quite some feedback and I was very surprised by the result.

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Summary of art & sewing 2016

It’s time for a recap!

Every year I make a summary of my work I’ve done during that year. And every time I am so stressed and thought I barely made any progress. But then every time when I do make the summary of that year I am surprised about the amount of work I still did.

I love to do these recaps, I think it’s good for every person, artist or not to evaluate yourself every time. Sometimes you can be blinded by stress or different reasons and you feel you have wasted a complete year. Sure sometime (most of the times) I wished I had done more and feel I kept pushing projects forward. But it also makes me wonder if I don’t ask too much of myself?

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