Lets start this blogging thing…

Time sure flies fast! Just a month ago I was busy working non stop on this new website and soon after I gradually filled my page with portfolio items! I mean that’s what this is all about, to create a website where I am able to share my work…right!? ♥

Half true! I also just really want to blog, but because it’s been so busy I barely had the chance to make time for it. I have tons to tell and I have a million thoughts to share. The hard part is to take the steps to actually do it! Procrastinating is really a bad habit of mine and not just with blogging, but with projects, daily tasks and even in hobbies too. It is a huge challenge for me to stay focused and it can be pretty stressful, working on it tough!

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A new website!

Let’s talk websites, websites is a fast growing online medium and on top of that you as an artist and person keeps growing and changing too. You discover new things about yourself and what you like and because of that you like to do things differently along the way. A website is a way to represent yourself and that’s why I like to update my website every now and then.

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