SNES Classic Mini Yeahh!

Awyeahhh it’s finally here, our very own SNES Classic Mini! I basically grew up with this console (and the N64, GameCube, lots of handhelds too O_O) and have allot of good memories with this one ♥

It looks so cute and small and can’t wait to play all the games that are included on it. As retro game collectors (and owned games from our childhood) we already have allot of these games, but not everything so I am excited to try these out. Still it’s definitely a must have for the Nintendo fan, especially since the Super Nintendo is ageless and in my opinion the best retro console out there ♥

I will share a bit more of what I think about these games and my experience with them ♥

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A Sonic obsession!

After playing and defeating the game Sonic Mania I was super excited to get back into more of the sonic games. I remembered this pretty awesome game Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast, mostly that the chao garden was so much fun to do.

Unlike Sonic Mania this is a more modern 3D looking game, but still allot of fun and at this moment my favourite 3D sonic game. So I have been playing this game again and it’s just so much fun. Already completed the hero side, almost finished with the dark side and of course raising my chaos making cute little angels and devils ♥


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Sonic Mania!

Wooohoo finally Sonic Mania the newest release of the Sonic games is out. My boyfriend is a real sonic fan and het kind of gets me excited for it too. This game looks amazing, the music is awesome and the remakes of some of the older levels looks really nice too.


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Yay I finally was able to get my hands on Pikmin for the WiiU and the amiibo. I have been wanted this game for a while! I totally loved this game on the GameCube that I’ve played as a teenager and couldn’t resist to relive this experience.

This game looks absolutely gorgeous and the whole vibe/feeling in this game is very relaxing. I really love exploring and puzzle type of games so of course this one was a must for my game collection ^_^. I mean who can resist those cute little pikmin!?


Splatoon Anniversary Giveaway!

With the new game coming up I am going to do a giveaway. You can win this super cool Splatoon 2 hat featuring the pink inkling girl with short hair. The hat is made by me and made from super soft fleece ♥ All you got to do is check my social media instagram, facebook and twitter, read the rules and enter there for a chance to win this super cute hat!

Splatoon Giveaway

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Splatoon 2 Fan Art!

Just a little while and the new game Splatoon 2 will be released on the Nintendo Switch! To celebrate this I made this super cool Splatoon fan art.

So happy with how this one came out ♥ Especially considering I haven’t been able to draw much lately. But I feel a bit more confident now, so hoping to finish some commissions soon too ^_^ Good practise! ♥ 😀 Little steps!


The sketch can be found on my Instagram.

Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4

Just a quick post, since I am totally hooked on this new game!

Finally I got this in my collection! I have been wanted to play this game for a while, but was waiting for a sale and that finally happened. First of all, this game looks amazing! I love the whole scenery and post apocalypse futuristic theme around it, the hero, story, the game play and the open world concept just everything is the way I like my games. It’s an adventurous game where you explore the world, fight or tame beasts, scavenge etc, it’s pretty awesome! If you like that sort of thing you have to play this game and experience it for yourself!

Time flies when you play this game ♥

Horizon Zero Dawn

Dark Souls the board game

What!? A board game of Dark Souls? Yuppp, we got our self a pretty cool board game that we funded on Kickstarter. The game was pledged £3,771,474, as you can tell allot of people wanted this game made and because of that we got allot of extra stuff made too. We just got the game and of course couldn’t wait to play it! I love board games and after setting up this one I was super excited to play.

Dark Sould the Board Game

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So many Splatoon Hats! ♥

I’ve been making Splatoon Hats for the past 1,5 years.

Something that started out as my very first fleece hat turned out to be a huge success. I Just started to make these after playing the game Splatoon on the Wii U and I immediately became a fan of the game! 😀 Till this day I still love to play the game and will be looking forward to the sequel Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch!

In able to sell these hats which where custom/handmade by myself I had to open a shop. I started with a google form and advertised on Facebook and other sites. I didn’t expected to sell allot after my first prototype and was hoping for maybe a handful of orders. This quickly turned into 20 orders for my first batch. My mind was blown that so many people where interested in these and yes 20 was allot for me :P. Everything made me really excited to start sewing more of these hats.
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Me featuring 2 of my latest hats (Hatsune Miku hat and Inkling Girl from Splatoon 2)

Me featuring 2 of my latest hats (Hatsune Miku hat and Inkling Girl from Splatoon 2)

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Overwatch fan-art

Another art blog huh!? Yup, I’ve finished another art piece for one of my clients and here I am blogging about it ^_^

This time it’s in the theme of a game and like I said in my last blog, I love working with themes ♥ To be specific it’s featuring one of the characters from Overwatch, well at least her outfit is. She is quite the popular character in Overwatch (alltough I prefer playing with D.Va myself ♥) and as a fan of Overwatch myself I was more then happy to draw this for the client!
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Finished Commission – Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet

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