Castlefest Summer 2017

Woohoo we are back from our weekend to Castlefest from 4 to 6 August!

We decided to bring a bigger tent this time (check out a video here) and I was sooo happy we did that. The wind was pretty heavy that day, but we managed to set it up. However we were pretty late so we missed half our first day, but that was okay since we were spending the whole weekend anyway!

I was looking forward to this soo much and just had a blast and just super nice to spend some quality time with my boyfriend.


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Splatoon Anniversary Giveaway!

With the new game coming up I am going to do a giveaway. You can win this super cool Splatoon 2 hat featuring the pink inkling girl with short hair. The hat is made by me and made from super soft fleece ♥ All you got to do is check my social media instagram, facebook and twitter, read the rules and enter there for a chance to win this super cute hat!

Splatoon Giveaway

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Castlefest here I come!

Woooh we just bought our Castlefest Tickets! I am so excited ♥ What’s that you may ask? Well it’s super fun, you can find info on their website It’s a festival for people that loves fantasy and folk music and so much more! I have been going to fantasy fairs since I was a kid and I have always enjoyed this kind of things. I used to dress up allot, not anymore tough and I love dragons, wood elves/nature and folk, new age music & so much more! ♥
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Photo of me with the bolero I've made. & Castlefest band 2016

Photo of me with the bolero I’ve made & Castlefest band 2016

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Comic Con Europe!

The event for Comic Fans! Right!?

Okay to be honest this was my first time attending this event, but this was my impression about it. First of all, Harley Quinn’s everywhere! EVERYWHERE…I like cosplayers and all, heck I even cosplayed myself when I was younger. But really, when I start to see the same cosplay all over the place, it really disappoints me. I guess that’s just me, but hey I am not here to talk about them so lets continue :3

I really enjoyed the con itself, but purely just to lurk around and check some good oll loot! Also it’s just fun to spend this kind of time with my mate (& friends). We are real hoarders when it comes to this. I love to collect all kind of things like figurines, prints, art, games & comic books etc. So this was really a fun place to be if you are looking for those kind of things. But was it worth it?


Comic issues from from x-men (uncanny & what if’s), spidergirl & purgatory! From

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