About SweetSushi!

Ambitious Thinker / INTJ

Hi there, my name is Sue, 28 years and I am the person behind SweetSushi! Ever since I was a kid I loved to spend time on arts and crafts, play board and video games and come up with my own imaginative games. Naturally this led me to start an art study Animation and Games on the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam NL, my home and birth place.

During my study I’ve learned a lot of new things, however it wasn’t until after graduation that the real challenge began. It wasn’t easy, but I kept exploring and I was trying to find my own path. In the end I just like to make people happy, try out new things and create whatever my heart desires ♥ I can express these feelings with my art, design and sewing!


Energetic, impulsive, perfectionist, spontaneous, creative & enterprising!


I love elephants, cute things, plushies, pancakes, games & horror/fantasy movies


I just love to create new designs and gradually fill my shop with super cute items!


In my art career I've done work as a creative (web) designer, illustrator & seamstress


After my graduation in 2009, I started my career as a (web)designer. On the road I've also picked up volunteer work for elephant friends. After a few years spending most of my time as a (web)designer, I felt something was missing. So I've decided to get back to my roots and pick up digital illustration too. And since I was enjoying working with my hands so much, I've also picked up sewing! Because of this I was able to grow, explore and create different projects that I love! ♥


Graphic Design Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign

Web Design Adobe Fireworks, WordPress, HTML & CSS

Illustrator Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Tablet & Traditional

Seamstress Pattern making, Machine & Hand Sewing