SNES Classic Mini Yeahh!

Awyeahhh it’s finally here, our very own SNES Classic Mini! I basically grew up with this console (and the N64, GameCube, lots of handhelds too O_O) and have allot of good memories with this one ♥

It looks so cute and small and can’t wait to play all the games that are included on it. As retro game collectors (and owned games from our childhood) we already have allot of these games, but not everything so I am excited to try these out. Still it’s definitely a must have for the Nintendo fan, especially since the Super Nintendo is ageless and in my opinion the best retro console out there ♥

I will share a bit more of what I think about these games and my experience with them ♥

21 games are installed on the SNES classic mini.

And that for just €90,- Considering most of these games are worth twice the original price and difficult to get your hands on I say it’s definitely worth to get one!

Starfox, Starfox 2, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Zelda a link to the past, F Zero, Super Metroid, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Punch Out, Castlevania 3, Donkey Kong Country, Mega Man x, Kirby Super Star, Kirby’s Dream Course, Final Fantasy 3, Yoshis Island, Super Mario RPG, Contra 3, Secret of Mana, Earth Bound, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts!

I am not really a huge Star Fox fan, so I didn’t care much for the 2nd Star Fox. Still you got to appreciate the extra bonus they are giving you, a game that never have been released before! A fun bonus, especially for Star Fox fans 🙂

My boyfriend and I make it a tradition to play and beat Zelda a link to the past every year, so I definitely get why they chose this game for the SNES mini. It’s ageless! Talking about ageless, another one Super Mario World! The best Mario game ever made and allot of fun to play together. We play it once in a while and we have allot of fun with it every time, a must have for your collection! I also have good memories with Donkey Kong Country, I played this one allot with my stepbrother and sister when I was little. I remember how frustrated we where as kids, because it was a pretty hard game. Then again allot of these games where challenging, truly the good age of games!

I love Mario games, but what I especially love is Yoshi! I loveee Yoshi and he’s my favorite Mario character. When I first played Yoshi Island I felt in love with the style and cuteness overload. I always pick him as a character in any Mario game and Mario Kart is not any different. I didn’t grew up with Mario Kart on the SNES, rather the one on the N64, the SNES version is really hard!

Super Mario RPG never got released in the Netherlands, but I remember I tried it out once on an emulator and now I can finally play it the way it is supposed to be. The game is really expensive here, since it’s an imported and rare game, not to mention the most difficult game to hack to make it work on our European SNES. So if you didn’t get the chance to play this game, now is your (and my) chance!

I love Kirby, I mean it’s cute, round and pink, what’s not to love? I just love that cute silly ball! Sadly I never really got my hands on the Kirby SNES games, so I am happy I can try them out now. The first game we actually tried out when we got the SNES mini was Kirby’s Dream Course, it’s been a game I’ve been wanting to play for a while and now I finally can. I love how Nintendo has so many multiplayer games! 😀

The next day I tried out Super Metroid, I never played it, weird right!? I am already hooked, I love the game! I really want to try out Castlevania too, I remember watching my boyfriend playing this once and it looked like a really awesome game. Uhmmm what’s more, yeah right F Zero, that game is hard! But I really love the music in it, it’s pretty cool 😀 Also Mega Man, a pretty cool game, but for some reason I never really got into those games. I guess I am just not really a Mega Man fan :O Ouchh. I like the style tough! Maybe I should give it a shot sometime 🙂

Fighting games, I never been a real fan of those (not counting Smash Bros! ♥). I know games like Street Fighter are really big and then you have Punch Out, I don’t know…just not my type of games I guess, but I understand why they are included. There is something for everyone on here! Contra, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Oh that game is reallllyyy hard! But I love it for it!

Oh RPGS! We don’t just have Mario RPG and Zelda but also great games like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana and Earth Bound too. I am actually playing a Final Fantasy game for the very first time at the moment, FF7 and it’s amazing. I don’t know, I just never got into the Final Fantasy hype, but 7 is a really great one! I believe the one on the SNES is actually number 6, but they never released the other ones here so they just put a 3 on it…weird huh!?

Secret of Mana is a game I always wanted to play, we actually own this one too, but I will grab my chance to play this one on the big screen now. They are currently making a remake too, but to be honest I just really like to play the original first and the art style looks really cool. But maybe I will give the remake a chance and play that one too. Oh and Earth Bound I never understood, there is such a big fandom around this game…this is another game that never got released here so that might explain it. Maybe I like to give a try and see what’s it all about. The style looks a bit weird to me tough, but I don’t want to judge it from just that.

Sooooo yeahhh allot of awesome games! Maybe I will make a post later, where we can compare our original games with the ones that are included on the SNES classic mini and see what we are still missing. I believe we at least have half of it, so still plenty on my wish list to get. This console will always be one of my favorites one to play on, allot of good games and pretty challenging too but that’s what makes it fun in my opinion.

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