A Sonic obsession!

After playing and defeating the game Sonic Mania I was super excited to get back into more of the sonic games. I remembered this pretty awesome game Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast, mostly that the chao garden was so much fun to do.

Unlike Sonic Mania this is a more modern 3D looking game, but still allot of fun and at this moment my favourite 3D sonic game. So I have been playing this game again and it’s just so much fun. Already completed the hero side, almost finished with the dark side and of course raising my chaos making cute little angels and devils ♥


At the same time we also picked up the Sonic X series again and realised the story from the sonic adventure games are actually also featuring in this anime series O_O So that was a pretty awesome surprise too. And then I discovered the sonic comic books from archie comics, which is sad cause they never got released/published here where I live so I have to somehow get my hands on those too!


Of course this is making us even more excited for another new game that’s coming up, Sonic Forces! This game is more modern based and 3D looking, but will feature both the side scrolling gameplay and the modern 3D playstyle. However what makes this game so unique is the new feature where you can make your very own OC (original character)! Anyway that’s what most people seem to be excited about and for me that’s not any different.


Now that I am looking more and more into the Sonic universe I’ve realized it’s pretty awesome and now I am pretty hooked and excited to make a Sonic OC myself! My head is already full of ideas how I want make my very own sonic styled character (keeping it a secret for now) and will be looking forward to draw this and share with you all! But for now, I will silently waiting for the new Sonic game Sonic Forces to come out in October!

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