Patreon thoughts

It’s been something in my mind ever since I knew it existed and I am thinking about starting January 2018! Read more about Patreon here!

I have some ideas for a Patreon page, including streams, vlogs, tutorials, fan art, merchandising, freebies, polls, discounts etc. Just brainstorming for now.


I want to get back into my game and maybe this might be an idea to get back into it and give my fans something in return, to be more involved and gives me a chance to experiment more with new ideas and projects. I am always so occupied with work that I never get the chance to spend time on most of the ideas I am having and this will give me the opportunity to do just that!

I have been supporting other artist on Patreon and freebies or not I was always happy to support my favourite artist out there. I hope this would be something of interest for my followers too and that I will be able to offer weekly and maybe even daily content again! I know I can do so much more then where I am now and I want to give everyone that! ♥

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