Sonic Mania!

Wooohoo finally Sonic Mania the newest release of the Sonic games is out. My boyfriend is a real sonic fan and het kind of gets me excited for it too. This game looks amazing, the music is awesome and the remakes of some of the older levels looks really nice too.


Overall this game is really awesome and we are both totally hooked. I guess it’s mostly just a nostalgic game, since it’s reliving the first Sega games in an upgraded version, but with so much more. That’s totally fine with me, since these games are so much fun ♥

I totally enjoyed the little animation in the intro and the music (soundtrack) in this game, just perfect! The levels look super nice, especially the Studiopolis Zone looks amazing. I just love that whole 80’s old school look! So bright, so colourful, so perfect and the gameplay is allot of fun too!


If you are a sonic fan, I can totally recommend this game! But I am guessing that most fans already did anyway, since it’s such a big thing now. Anyway back to gaming for me!

Gotta go fast!

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