Castlefest Summer 2017

Woohoo we are back from our weekend to Castlefest from 4 to 6 August!

We decided to bring a bigger tent this time (check out a video here) and I was sooo happy we did that. The wind was pretty heavy that day, but we managed to set it up. However we were pretty late so we missed half our first day, but that was okay since we were spending the whole weekend anyway!

I was looking forward to this soo much and just had a blast and just super nice to spend some quality time with my boyfriend.


Some of the bigger bands we enjoyed very much were Corvus Corax and Heilung, just for these 2 it was totally worth to visit the festival. We sadly had to miss out on Heidevolk tough, since they were playing on Thursday and we visited from Friday to Sunday. Luckily we already had seen them live recently and are booking another visit to them next year! I did miss Prima Nocta this year that we had seen live last year, those guys where pretty awesome too. Of course there were lots more awesome bands!

We also bought our self some pretty awesome loot! I got myself a really nice sketchbook made from leather with a dragon design on the cover ♥ We also finally bought this beautiful made creature made by Magic Within Fantasy! We had our eye on his creations for a while, it doesn’t come cheap but totally worth it! I also got myself some comfy pants and of course we had to buy some mead too.


Overall this year’s fantasy festival was a success! We didn’t had allot of sun that weekend and without me noticing I got a pretty bad sunburn. I was also pretty tired after, so was happy to be home again with new good memories 😮 I just feel at home at such places, such a good vibe and music! I can really recommend it to anyone that like this sort of stuff, dressing up in fantasy related themes, browsing shops, enjoying outside in the nature, folk music and just to have a relaxing time.

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