Doodling an elephant ♥

A few weeks ago I was getting back to work again, but it was still a bit too stressful for me. Now I am back to sick again, I feel horrible about it. I guess it’s best to take it easy and try to rest and avoid stress as much as possible. I am having a really hard time with it, but I try to stay positive.

To distract my mind a bit I have been doodling a bit in my sketchbook.


I’ve come up with this new character design (left) I had in mind for a while. She’s an African elephant who loves yoga and video games. I haven’t decided on her name and colours yet so that will come later.

I also made this sketch for @sk1ttledeedoo since I’ve wanted to draw Mochi for a while now. Without his colours it really doesn’t do him justice tough :O so I might finish it later. I am still a noob with traditional art, but I feel it’s relaxing to do so want to keep practicing.

I would love to invest in Faber Castels to bring in some awesome colours in my work.

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