Hoarding fabrics!

So I have been sick for a while and it’s time to get back into it. I am going to start slowly and build my hours from now on. I am a bit sad everything is not going super well for me work and health wise, so I really hope I will feel better soon. For now I just need to take it easy :O


On another note, I found these super cool fabrics I want to experiment with. I haven’t been making clothing much, mostly just costumes and such and I really wanted to try out my hands on sewing clothes I could actually wear. Since I don’t have allot of experience with these, I thought it would be a good idea to buy some patterns and work from there. I found this magazine Knipmode where they feature some pretty nice dresses and other clothing, so totally going to try that out!

I think it’s good to spend a bit more time on my own projects, since I have been so busy with commissions and such. Might work relaxing to spend some efforts on myself and get more experience in sewing techniques for everyday clothes ♥

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