Awesome colouring books!

Colouring books!?
These are becoming pretty popular lately, with colouring books for grownups to self-published books by artists. As a kid I always enjoyed colouring books and even now I enjoy to do them. Usually it’s my own art I have to color, the part I like the most when making art ♥ But sometimes you just like to colour and skip that whole drawing part.

They say colouring work very therapeutic and relaxing, so of course I couldn’t resist to try this out! I have been sick from work and a bit stressed, so I definitely needed some relax time.

Colouring Books

First I saw this very cool colouring book from my favourite book series Eragon, it’s official with beautifully drawings make by Ciruelo a fantasy artist that worked together with Chistopher the writer to make this colouring book just perfect. Once I got a look into the book I was totally in love in it, the drawings are super cool and detailed and it’s also featuring the story like a novel sort of thing. So whenever you are colouring each page, you progress through the story which makes it extra special to my opinion!


Second was this really cute colouring book from Dragons & Beasties. They make the most adorable dragon and animal statues from clay! I have been a fan of their work for a long time so of course I couldn’t resist to get my hands on one of these books. Unlike the other book is this one very cute and features a bit more simple style. It works sooo well with their work and style, also the illustrations in the book are made by the crafter of Dragons & Beasties so that’s pretty awesome. I already coloured one of their cute little dragon illustrations and it was very time relaxing to do ♥


I can really recommend these colouring books if you need to spend some more me time and like to colour. One is more complex and time consuming where the other is more simple and cute, but both are totally worth to have if you like this sort of things. I love dragons so of course these 2 books where a must for me!

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