Dark Souls the board game

What!? A board game of Dark Souls? Yuppp, we got our self a pretty cool board game that we funded on Kickstarter. The game was pledged £3,771,474, as you can tell allot of people wanted this game made and because of that we got allot of extra stuff made too. We just got the game and of course couldn’t wait to play it! I love board games and after setting up this one I was super excited to play.

Dark Sould the Board Game

Unlike most other games, you have to work together in this game and defeat the enemies and bosses as a team. The figurines and especially the bosses are looking pretty awesome and are hard to defeat. Each enemy of course has their own rules and you also have to pick your hero and each has their own rules and special abilities too. After reading the rules (prepare to spend allot of hours when you start your first scenario) and picking a boss, yup you got to pick a boss and the enemies that belong with that boss in order to play the game. You can choose any order you want just like in the dark souls game and keep your equipment when moving forward to a different scenario.

Dark Souls the Board Game

Dark Souls the game is known for its very hard gameplay where you can expect to die allot! I have been playing Dark Souls 1 and 3 myself and it’s true, but all you got to do is git gut really ^_^ The board game is not any different and you can expect to die the first time you meet the boss. I am not going into further detail about the gameplay, but I do like to show you some of the amazing stuff you get with this board game what makes this game really unique and totally worth it ♥

Dark Souls the Board Game

To make it even better, later this year we will get even more goodies like extra heroes, bosses and stuff like that. So I am very excited to try out different heroes and scenarios and play lots together with friends. I can really recommend this game if you like strategic board games and don’t mind to spend allot of hours in a classic role playing board game!

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