2 x Hoodies!

Just a quick portfolio post!

So I finally took the time to make a proper photo collage of 2 hoodie commissions I’ve made that I really wanted to share ♥ since I haven’t really updated my portfolio page yet :O

Below you see a calico cat design which was really a fun design to work with. Adding the patterns took a bit of extra time, but totally worth it in the end. It’s a really a great fit and kinda makes me want to make one for my own ♥ ^_^
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I like to give my work a cute look and try to follow a style and provide a concept design so you know how the end product will look like (sort of).

I had a blast working on these projects! ♥ It was the first time working with a hoodie design and I am pretty happy with the result! It was also the first time adding faux fur (2nd photo) as an hair tuft on fleece projects, so that was fun I am really surprised how good it looks together.


Now I will finally be able to start working on my next hoodie commissions too which I am really excited about, so hopefully I will be able to share lots more work in the upcoming months ^__^


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