Just one more hat

Almost there!

Just 1 more hat and I will be completely done with my Etsy orders. A little bit (cough…lots more)  longer then I usually take, but now that I have job too it takes a bit longer for me to work on projects.

I closed my shop once I started my job a while ago and now I am finally rounding up my final orders. It is such a relief, because that will mean I can finally focus on some of my other projects that have been waiting!

I said to myself (and to my commissioners)  I want to finish my etsy orders first, before I can focus on my other work like hoodies and onesies. Luckily my commissioners understood and are super patience with me. I can’t describe how much I appreciate the kindness I am receiving from my clients ♥ I am also very proud that I am actually following this too, cause I usually have a very had time following my own plans as I am easily distracted and overwhelmed. This means I can (almost)  put a check behind this step too, wooohh.

My last etsy order is a custom hat that needs a bit more time then my other hats, but it’s a pretty cool projects and once it’s finished I can’t wait to show you all. And then I can finally pick up my hoodies and make lots more progress in my queue. I feel I slowly create more breathing room for myself, but we are not there yet. Little steps (which is sooo hard for me), but I need to be patience too. Sometimes I feel my commissioners have allot more patience then I have! I badly want to make all the projects and finish them so I can do even more. Too many projects and ideas ♥ & find it really hard to say no to people, I feel terrible letting people down.

Well at least I know I won’t be bored ever, plenty of work (and fun)  for me to do ^_^ For now thanks for your patience with me and enjoy my next projects ♥ 😀

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