Custom Rat Onesie

A finished Custom Onesie for Hoggy, that I actually finished a while ago (but didn’t sort out photos until now :P). Very happy with this one, proud! This was a trade and she made a beautiful original fine art painting in return featuring my favorite animal, elephants ♥

I have been making onesie commissions since 2013 and I have grown and learn allot while making these. I love making and wearing these myself, they are super comfy. A huge thanks to all my supporters that made it possible for me to do so!
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Custom Onesie

Due to a deadline I couldn’t really make some decent pictures tough, so this selfie and quick pics with my phone will have to do. You can find more examples of my work here! It’s still a bit empty, but I will submit more of my work later on.

The tail is really long! You can check a video of it on my twitter!

I am hoping to finish more sewing work soon! Work/life keeps me way too busy, but I miss sewing this kind of stuff! Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon ♥ Actually my next onesie project will be all 9 eeveelutions and super hyped to make them all into cute soft pjs!

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