Castlefest here I come!

Woooh we just bought our Castlefest Tickets! I am so excited ♥ What’s that you may ask? Well it’s super fun, you can find info on their website It’s a festival for people that loves fantasy and folk music and so much more! I have been going to fantasy fairs since I was a kid and I have always enjoyed this kind of things. I used to dress up allot, not anymore tough and I love dragons, wood elves/nature and folk, new age music & so much more! ♥
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Photo of me with the bolero I've made. & Castlefest band 2016

Photo of me with the bolero I’ve made & Castlefest band 2016

I have only been to Castlefest for 3 times now, 2 times just a day and 1 time (last year) for a whole weekend. That whole weekend was the best tough, you have the full experience and it was just a great relaxing weekend with lots of awesome music, tasty food, great weather and relaxing time with my mate.

When you go for just a day, you have to rush so much and you miss out on allot of other things. It’s not just about dressing up and browse shops, its about having a relaxing time with awesome people, music!, entertainment and yummy food. It’s like a little vacation back in time away from stress :O ♥ I just can’t wait to go this year again, we of course will go for a full experience again from Friday to Sunday camping ♥

Last year I made myself a little something for the cold nights. I am not sure if I will make something again, but I am hoping to make a simple long skirt at least.

If you are a fan of fantasy, fairs, folk, music, going back into time, dress up, chill and realax be sure to check it out! In my opinion the best fantasy event in the Netherlands. I have been going to Archeon Midwinter Fair and Fantasy Fair to name a few big ones and this one is definitely on top of my list with Archeon coming second!

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