Random venting

Soo once again I find it hard to find time for blogging :O I mean I have enough to blog about, but I guess I still need to find the discipline to do it weekly.

Work makes it hard for me to find energy for it and on top of that I spend my weekend on all kind of appointments and sewing/art commissions. I am not telling I have no time at all, I spend plenty of time together with my mate, watching videos, gaming etc. I guess I still haven’t find my rhythm in it and I have the feeling I loose my motivation for it.

I just feel so overwhelmed easily and have the need to do nothing sometimes, but I always end up feeling bad about it. Like what’s my purpose, why do I want to do it so badly? Do I want to prove something, do I ask too much? Who reads this anyway…I am not sure anymore. It’s just been a few months and I am already failing in such a simple thing, it saddens me. Don’t take it too negatively tough, these are just my random thoughts.

For a while I had the idea to eventually make video blogs and do live streams. But at this point I feel I can’t do any of it. I know what a sad blog post huh, sigh..sometimes I just need to vent. I hope my motivation will be better and I will eventually be able to do more dynamic post like videos and streams, tutorials and all kind of things. I just want to be more involved and communicate more with my followers….I guess I just have a really hard time with it O_O Why am I such a doofus 😛 hehe ahhwell it will eventually all fall into place. Thanks for reading my stuff ♥ Just needed to empty my mind I guess.

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