My job after 1 month!

Just a quick blog for this one!

A month has passed since I started my new job as a designer in marketing/merchandising! I am really enjoying it there and the things I make there. I’ve already done so many projects and some designs/ideas are already in production. What I enjoy the most is the variety the job is giving me, all tough sometimes it can be hard to switch between projects. Of course it also gives me a proper stability in my life both mentally as financially 😛 That sounds boring, but yeah like I said before I really need this now! I am happy with where I am now and that I can do my job and feel good about it.

The people there are really nice and I don’t feel as much anxiety as when I first started there. At first it was kind of stressful, I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to do the things they expected from me or that the job would be too much for me health wise. But in the end it’s just a matter of taking used to the new situation and the right communication.

It’s nice to have some more security here and after I gotten my first salary you know it’s all worth it hehe. I am less stressed out and aside that I am a little bit tired due the busyness I am doing well. My only issue at this moment is that I barely have time for other things, so hopefully I will balance that out in the near future. I try to work in the weekends, so I can at least make progress in my queue! In the end, all of this are positive things for sure! ^_^

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