So many Splatoon Hats! ♥

I’ve been making Splatoon Hats for the past 1,5 years.

Something that started out as my very first fleece hat turned out to be a huge success. I Just started to make these after playing the game Splatoon on the Wii U and I immediately became a fan of the game! 😀 Till this day I still love to play the game and will be looking forward to the sequel Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch!

In able to sell these hats which where custom/handmade by myself I had to open a shop. I started with a google form and advertised on Facebook and other sites. I didn’t expected to sell allot after my first prototype and was hoping for maybe a handful of orders. This quickly turned into 20 orders for my first batch. My mind was blown that so many people where interested in these and yes 20 was allot for me :P. Everything made me really excited to start sewing more of these hats.
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Me featuring 2 of my latest hats (Hatsune Miku hat and Inkling Girl from Splatoon 2)

Me featuring 2 of my latest hats (Hatsune Miku hat and Inkling Girl from Splatoon 2)

Each hat cost me around 4 hours to make and more for customs and when I just started to make them. I gave customers the option to pick their favorite inkling color and skin color for the ears. I started out with just a few colors, but while making them orders kept coming in with other color requests and eventually I could display all kind of different colors in my gallery from lime green to hot pink! At first I only made the inkling girl, but eventually people started to request if I want to start making the inkling boy too. I didn’t expected much animo for these, but ohboy was I wrong. In the end I personally liked to wear the boy hat more, they were both very comfy to wear tough.

Then right before Halloween (in September 2015) I decided to officially open a shop online, people recommended me to use Etsy and so I did! I can really recommend it to anyone that is making crafts themselves, I don’t think I could sell this much without the site. It’s really amazing!

Because of the season I’ve gotten allot of requests to finish hats before Halloween. During that time I made these hats nonstop, it was ridiculous! I also gotten allot of request to finish hats for birthdays and for other events like carnival. My customers came from all around the world and most where people from my age to parents with kids, I even made a kids size hat later on for the younger ones. It was for anyone really, Splatoon is loved by all ages ^_^

After 1,5 years of success! I had to close my shop, due my time needed elsewhere (job). But I will make sure to reopen again in the future. I’ve made so many hats, to be honest I started to get really tired of it hehe. But nevertheless I was really happy with all the interest and kind people that commented on my work. Everybody was so nice and I was more than happy to provide them with the items they couldn’t make themselves, but really wanted to have. Even tough I wasn’t the cheapest among other sellers, people still preferred my work and that really made me more confident and happy about my work!

In the end I’ve made and sold 127 Splatoon Hats total including custom ones like the Miku hat. Talking about those, after I closed my shop I suddenly got 2 more request for a Hatsune Miku Hat I couldn’t accept anymore, I am very sorry for that. I made a deal with myself to not take any more new orders until I have time again to reopen my shop. Please be patience with me until I am ready to open again.

Really this whole experience was a blast! I can’t wait to open my shop again and start to offer other items as well ♥

Be sure to check my portfolio for more pictures: Inkling Boy Hats, Inkling Girl Hats & DeviantArt among many other sites I am on. More portfolio items coming soon!

A screenshot from my shop

A screenshot from my shop (language NL)

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