I won’t give up!

I made a deal with myself, that I want to blog every week. I want to keep that promise, but it’s been really hard to make time for these. Especially with my new job, it’s becoming harder and harder to make time for other things. Nevertheless I am really happy with my job, but just a little bit sad that I have to schedule things differently and probably need to lower my goals for a bit.

One thing is for sure, I don’t easily give up on things!
For that reason I am going to cheat a little bit and make a few blog posts and catch up! Hopefully I will get used to my job soon and find a proper balance between my work, commissions and personally life/ goals.

I really want to keep blogging! I have too much to write about and I really love expressing myself (and emptying my head) in this way, beside drawing and sewing of course. I want to succeed in the things I said to myself I want to do ♥ I know it sound silly to take things so seriously, especially for something as little as a blog. But that’s exactly why I need to do this, cause it’s not just blogging, but all the things, small and big!

It’s important for me to reach out for my goals and I know that it will be a part of my life forever cause what’s living without having a purpose (wow deep :P) No but seriously, this is just a small step for me to keep doing what I like to do, to learn and to progress! On top of that more awesome things will follow from this point ^_^

My adventure have just began!


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