I guess “plushies” will be next!? ♥

Remember that poll I did a few weeks ago!?

Well here are the results :3 This is going to be a quick post, because with the new job it’s become harder for me to make time for these :O (wasn’t quick at all :P)

So in my Poll I asked what do you like to see next time I open commissions? For example this could be art or custom hoodies! I’ve also added new things ♥ In the end I’ve gotten quite some feedback and I was very surprised by the result.

I knew allot of people where interested in my onesies, but I never knew so many wanted to get a custom plushie done by me. I never offered these type of commissions before, I never even didn’t made a plushie to begin with (not counting the cat dolls)I guess you could get an idea about how it would look like, since I have experience with hoodies/onesies/hats where I also make custommade faces and details based on characters/animals.

I’ve wanted to do plushies for a really long time and it’s been requested from me too, but I’ve never gotten the chance to do so and I didn’t realize there was so much animo for these. I think with said poll results I want to go for it! Well not right away of course, but once I get the chance I will definitely want to try my hands on a prototype ♥ Very excited!

Top 5 results!

  1. Custom Plushies (wins by allot)
  2. Custom Onesies
  3. Custom Backpacks
  4. Art Commissions (actual shared place with 3)
  5. Custom Hoodies

(You can read my blog with the Poll for more information about each offered item/project)

Custom items are most popular for sure! I am also pretty excited to start my line for backpacks, I have so many ideas! But since most want customs, I will try my hands at a prototype first and see where that gets me. I am already pretty known for my onesies and also made a couple of hoodies in the past, so no prototypes will be needed for those. It also makes me happy that art is still something that people like to see from me too, so I will try to make that work too. I was kinda sad tough that tote bags weren’t favorable. I still really like to try these out again for Halloween tough, but this time with much more designs.

The poll has really helping me out to make a decision on these items and makes it easier for me to focus on what to do next. Thank you so much everyone for their feedback and support in my work! 😀

I understand that most people are waiting to get their hands on a custom onesie, since the last time I’ve only opened onesie designs I offered (which where cheaper). Once I am (almost) done with those projects, I like to open for customs again. But I also really like to try out plushies and or backpacks, so they will probably very limited.

I will think about my options and will try to make an updated price sheet soon with all my options/things I offer and post that here on my website. Very excited to see what the future will bring me ♥

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