New job!

No update of the month in projects this time!

My adventure continues, where I found this pretty cool job (started March 7) where I can explore new things and gain more security. It is a part time time job, which means I can still continue my own work as a freelance illustrator and seamstress + have a breather. I will have more financial stability, hopefully less stress and will be out of the house more :O.

Of course this will turn my life upside down (but in a good way) and it will also limit my time I can spend on freelance projects, but at this moment this is what I need to take good care for myself, to be happy and to move forward in my life.

I am really happy I have found this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what experience I will get from this ^__^

What kind of job you might wonder? I will be going back into designing, where I will mostly focus on promotional merchandising & clothes! It’s pretty cool and it’s something new and I am always up for new things and gaining new experiences ♥ I really hope my time there will be well spend and that I can offer my skills for good use! ^_^

With that said, no update on my monthly projects. Simply because I need to get used to the new job first and I have a hard time at this moment to judge how much time I have left for these projects. Especially in the first month, I will need lots of time to get used to all the new things and rescheduling things. Tough I am going to do my best and work hard on my projects while I am home and well rested which will create more breathing room too ♥

I don’t want to overdo it either, I did choose for a part time job with a reason. I need to get used to the whole new set up in my life and find a balance between my job and my freelance work at home. Allot of exciting things are happening for sure!

I will keep everyone about my job and the progress in my projects and what I am planning to do next (commission wise etc). Allot of people are waiting for me to open for new commissions again, but as you might understand that will be delayed a little. I really need to finish allot of projects first, before I want to accept new ones.

Projects I currently have in my queue are hoodies, onesies, a few etsy orders (closed the shop now) and some art commissions. I will start with finishing the etsy orders so I can put that behind me and focus more on my bigger projects. I am hoping to maybe open for new projects this Summer. I was especially excited for the huge amount of people that wanted a plushie! (from the poll), but I can’t say for sure when I’ll open again so all I can say for now is to keep an eye out for updates!

Wish me luck! Thank you everyone for the amazing support in my work ♥ New challenges begins! Wooooot!!

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