Comic Con Europe!

The event for Comic Fans! Right!?

Okay to be honest this was my first time attending this event, but this was my impression about it. First of all, Harley Quinn’s everywhere! EVERYWHERE…I like cosplayers and all, heck I even cosplayed myself when I was younger. But really, when I start to see the same cosplay all over the place, it really disappoints me. I guess that’s just me, but hey I am not here to talk about them so lets continue :3

I really enjoyed the con itself, but purely just to lurk around and check some good oll loot! Also it’s just fun to spend this kind of time with my mate (& friends). We are real hoarders when it comes to this. I love to collect all kind of things like figurines, prints, art, games & comic books etc. So this was really a fun place to be if you are looking for those kind of things. But was it worth it?


Comic issues from from x-men (uncanny & what if’s), spidergirl & purgatory! From

Really difficult to say, I think it really depends on what you expect and what your goal is being there. For example, we just wanted to check the loot and see if we can find and buy some new treasures ♥ But some people might want to come for the actors/writers that are there and this is what really disappoints me. The con pretty much base all their advertisement on this, problem is on top of the ticket you pay to enter you also have to pay twice the money to actually meet these people,  get a signature and things like that. For us that was reason enough not to get involved in that, but then again I wasn’t really excited for those that where coming anyway.

Then we have cosplayers, some people take the opportunity to get there cosplay out and walk around in character. I really get that, I think it’s worth your while if you are into that stuff. But to me, when I visited it there I didn’t really felt this was the place to be if you want to show your cosplay. I just didn’t feel this cosplay vibe (not many photographers), but more of a dealer room spend all your money here until you get broke vibe. While this was our intention anyway, I think I would have felt very disappointed if I went in cosplay and all I did (or could do) was browse the dealer room. Okay there was a boot where you could play games, but it was always super crowded and I rather play games at home anyway. There was also a small stage where you could attend q&a and other info/events, but to me those didn’t look very interested at all. And don’t let me get started on the never ending loop of Efteling music 😛 I really didn’t get that. And now all I can think of is, I want to go there and get in line for the Droomvlucht!

But enough complaints 😛 In the end I really did had a fun time myself. I was exhausted in the end, had a good laugh with friends and my mate and I found our self some pretty neat stuff. In the end you do spend quite some money to just be there to spend even more money. Think of tickets, parking, gas, food and our spendings. In the end you probably could save allot of money if you order your stuff online (even with the shipping cost added) but then we wouldn’t have a nice fun day with friends + we discovered a few new shops we want to revisit in the future! Soo all was worth it for us! I think in the end everyone that is into this kind of stuff has to experience it them self and be the judge 😉 ♥


Photo with groot & comic book! Bought from


Dragon art ♥ available at


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