Overwatch fan-art

Another art blog huh!? Yup, I’ve finished another art piece for one of my clients and here I am blogging about it ^_^

This time it’s in the theme of a game and like I said in my last blog, I love working with themes ♥ To be specific it’s featuring one of the characters from Overwatch, well at least her outfit is. She is quite the popular character in Overwatch (alltough I prefer playing with D.Va myself ♥) and as a fan of Overwatch myself I was more then happy to draw this for the client!
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Finished Commission – Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet

Here are the finished pieces of the commission. It’s featuring an original character from the client that is based on the Unicorns from My Little Pony combined with some Raichu accents from Pokemon with the outfit from TracerOverwatch, pfffft a whole mouth full! But yeah all that mixed is seen in this drawing and to be honest, I am really proud on this one! I am still a bit rough since I haven’t been drawing as much anymore, but like I said in my previous blog I am really happy to draw again ♥

Originally Tracer wears an orange outfit, but there is also the option to choose her alternative purple skin in the game. It’s been a while since I’ve played the game tough, but now I really want to play again!


Alternative Skin/Cell-Shades WIP – Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Tablet


Sketch/Lines WIP – Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Tablet

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