★ February projects ★

Time sure flies fast!

In the past month I have been pretty occupied with all kind of appointments and mostly sewing fleece hats and one hoodie. I was hoping to finish all my hoodie projects, but nope :O

I was also pretty distracted by a new (well upgraded) budget program, I like to tell more about later maybe. I’ve also updated my portfolio (still not done yet) and had another job opportunity (no news yet tough).

I like to stay positive tough, all I can do is my best! Sooo up to another month! ♥ As long as I keep moving forward and be productive every day, I will get there 🙂

For this month I have a few goals, but not too much because we’re already almost half way in. We will also have people coming over and more appointments coming up that will distract me allot! In 2 weeks they will place our new laminate (we had water damage in December), so that’s nice to finally have ♥ but will take a few days :O Soooooo….

My project for this month are:

  • hoodie projects
  • etsy orders – splatoon hats mostly
  • art commissions

Not much has changed compare to last month. Still got 2 hoodie projects to start, new etsy orders keep coming in and there is still quite some art that needs to be finished :O I am hoping to finish at least all the hoodie projects, so I can start my onesie projects in the next month! Since etsy orders keeps coming in, this will continue to stay on my schedule. I do have a fun custom project I like to finish this month, so hopefully will be ably to share that later too ♥

For now! Need to focus on finishing some projects and deadlines! Back to it ^_^ and until next week.

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