Meet the Artist!

So for this week blog, I’ve decided to do a meet the artist thing. I made this drawing very recently featuring me and the things I (dis)like. It’s just something simple to show my followers who I am :3 Of course not everything is on here so I will tell a little bit more about myself here!

A little (back) story
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A drawing (sketch) I made featuring me and my things ♥

My name is Sue, actually it’s short for Bathsua (nobody calls me that tough). According to the Myers Brigg types I am INTJ. What makes me an Introvert, but ambitious type!

When I was little I liked to draw and play games, still do so nothing really changed ^_^ My parents are divorced :O I have 2 older sisters, a big brother and a younger sister. I always had pets like cats, dogs and other critters. I love animals, I love elephants! Oh and I loooove dragons, but they aren’t real right?

Nowadays I live with my (soul)mate, together for 8+ years now! We love to play games together, watch movies/series, go to (fantasy)festivals, collect retro games and just enjoying life. While he works full-time as a software engineer, I stay at home and work freelance on my own projects like; sewing, art and design!

I work at home on my Necchi sewing machine or use my Computer for administration/communication, blogging and I have a Wacom tablet for drawing. When not working I like to put on my soft pajamas, snuggle under my blankets and play games on my WiiU or Ninendo 3DS. Sometimes we like to go in our (man cave)retro game room and play all kind of old school games we collected and still do! Nostalgia much ♥

I haven’t gotten a smartphone until a year ago or so and got myself a Samsung 5 mini (ahh I miss my Hello Kitty phone). It works perfectly for me to play small games or keep up with social media, post photos and other communication or apps (appiee, etsy, pogo etc).

Pfft I can talk on and on about so much more about myself, but I think this is big enough already. Maybe another time I can tell more or just ask me things in the comments :3 ♥

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