Survey time! Commissions ♥

I am currently debating with myself what I want to do next time I open commissions.

I have been getting tons of requests for onesies and opening dates for these, but I like to know what more can I offer? Since not everyone can afford an onesie or want one in the first place and I don’t want to disappoint the ones that want other stuff from me (e.g. art or smaller sewing projects).

Quick notes – Please vote below!

It’s been a while since I’ve offered art commissions, so I was wondering if people are still interested in these for when I am ready to take on new slots :3 (finishing my queue first).

As for sewing, which is something I am mostly focusing on by now, I was curious if people where rather interested in custom ones or designs I offer. There are some + and – sides on either options, where customs can get pretty expensive and takes allot of time and energy from me, while designs I offer can be a bit cheaper and faster done so more people can grab a slot.

I already offered custom fleece hats in the past, but never pushed it through to make premades (not counting splatoon hats, talking basic animal hats here) one for my shop. I am not sure if people actually want this? This could be a simple animal hat or maybe a cute Pokemon design. I also made a few concept sketches (not seen here) and prototyping for totebags and shrugs/capes and I am actually pretty excited to make the capes, but not sure if you guys would be too.

Backpacks and plushies has also been a thing I’ve wanted to do for years now and wanted to know if you guys where interested in these too :3 I will probably start with a simple base and work from there and use “Fleece” for my materials. I might switch over to Minky in the future.

Now I won’t be able to do everything in this list for now (that would be just toooo much hehe), but at least it can give me a bit of idea what people want so I can take that in mind next time I open commissions again. Please make your vote and only pick the ones you would be interested to buy, so I can have a proper output (so don’t vote on things you wouldn’t be interested to buy yourself) That way I can focus on offering and making the projects we both want ♥

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What do you like to see next time I open commissions?

I’ve got ton more ideas to make, but I will save those for my personal projects ^_^ Please let me know what you like to see me offering and I will keep that in mind next time I open slots again.

I might open my doors during the Spring Season, keep an eye out! A commission page will be available on my website later too. Thank you so much ♥


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