Commissions vs Personal Projects

Looking back I’ve done allot of different type of commissions, from art to sewing projects! Now I’ve been closed for new commissions for quite some time and I am not planning to open anytime soon until most of my queue is done. But at the moment I am not sure yet what I want to do next (just want to prepare mentally & creatively), since there are so many things I have done I can do again or just start up new things!

Through the years I’ve gotten ton of inspiration and ideas I had to keep pushing forward (or end up not doing at all), but at the same time I don’t want to disappoint my supporters/followers for not offering my stuff I’ve done before. I also want to give more and create more different things, so I can also make other people happy for those things. Problem is, I am just 1 person and with the little time you have left it’s a hard decision to make.

Sometimes I just want to take a step back, but on the other side I love being able to make other people happy with my work, especially customs! Maybe a middle way could work, where I spend half my time on personal projects (that I might be able to sell when its done) and the other half for (custom) commissions. It’s been an idea I have in mind for a while and I think mainly because of the amount of extra time it takes to make customs it’s been way to stressful for me. It might create some more breathing room (as well in making time for myself and projects as in expressing my creativity) and it will help me to grow even more and offer so much more! In the end everybody is happy! ♥

I will add a poll in my next blog to see what you guys want to see me offering commission wise! Here’s a test blog to see how it works :O But seriously, I want to know your answers!

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