Summary of art & sewing 2016

It’s time for a recap!

Every year I make a summary of my work I’ve done during that year. And every time I am so stressed and thought I barely made any progress. But then every time when I do make the summary of that year I am surprised about the amount of work I still did.

I love to do these recaps, I think it’s good for every person, artist or not to evaluate yourself every time. Sometimes you can be blinded by stress or different reasons and you feel you have wasted a complete year. Sure sometime (most of the times) I wished I had done more and feel I kept pushing projects forward. But it also makes me wonder if I don’t ask too much of myself?

Looking back I can truly say, that even tough how things went in 2016 I still feel proud for the things I did. I want to be more positive and focus more on the things I have accomplished and not on the ones I didn’t. See the glass half full! Looking through those pink glasses! Let’s do this!

  • almost 125 (splatoon) hats made in total!
  • 4 custom onesies and 1 hoodie made! (hoodies where introduced in 2016)
  • completed badge commissions along with some other art pieces!
  • lots of personal projects: goomy bag, shrug/bolero, plushies, drawings and more!
  • kick of my eeveelution project (9 eevee onesies) that will be finished during 2017!
  • and of course, my new website! (on top of the other one I made at the beginning of 2016)

I’ve learned so much in 2016 project wise and of course not everything is in this summary, but it shows it was a great one at least! Up to an even better one! 😀


A summary of 2016!

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