★ January projects ★

Happy New Year!

A new year, a fresh start…kinda. I still have lots to do, projects to be finished and a portfolio to be filled! 2016 been a rough ride, I am always so super busy and distracted that time flies too fast. However I also feel truly blessed that I can make a living of my freelance work. I really appreciate all the support I am getting and that people are interested in buying my work ^_^

I have to keep remind and push myself to blog (yay for weekly banner). If not for sharing with other people, then for myself. It’s good to express myself and make a bit of breathing room in my mind (and to get better in writing)!

I want to start 2017 productive and positive, with that comes a proper schedule 😉
My project for this month are:

  • 3 hoodie projects (1 of 3 almost done, rescheduled from December to January)
  • etsy orders – splatoon hats mostly
  • art commissions

Projects that’s been finished last month will be uploaded asap in my portfolio and featured in upcoming blogs too! This includes a custom onesie, hoodie and 2 handmade dolls/plushies.

I bought a proper agenda for 2017 to schedule my work and appointments. I used to make a planning in excel on my computer, but I feel I can work better if I use traditional tools. Plus whenever I am on the computer it distracts me way too much and now I also have the freedom to look and schedule in my agenda whenever I can without turning on the pc (it saves allot of time). I also feel I wasted more time working with excel (time I better use for my website, blogging and such) and I had to keep printing them :O and everything was just a mess.

I like to keep the pc limited to digital art, concepts, communication (phone too), printing, blogging and administration. That is still allot of pc time but at least I don’t need to be behind it for every little thing.

Wish me luck! 2017 is going to be a great one, I can just FEEL it! ^___^

Ready for 2017!

Ready for 2017!

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