My thoughts about social media

Just my thoughts about social media! And keep in mind, this is my opinion and it is how I experience it!

With websites like Instagram, facebook, twitter and/or tumblr etc it is allot about the popularity and attention (+follow, thumbs up, share, retweet, double tap etc) you get rather then expressing yourself the way you want! I mean I get it, because without the proper followers you won’t receive any feedback + everyone likes to get positive attention! And as an artist you need this base in able to make a living of your work. But it becomes a competition and this can either boost yourself up or put too much pressure on you.

For me its very discouraging and sad that social media can be this way and not because I don’t get the attention I want (I am a loner after all and my work sells just fine), but because that is the way it works. I don’t care much for likes (I do appreciate the support in my work that keeps me going, but that’s something different!) and especially if they are from ‘like for a like’  kind of people, I really don’t get that 😮 I guess it’s always been like this and that social media/internet just made us more aware of this situation. The adverts may say that people are more social then ever, but to be honest I think the opposite is happening. I think that’s also why I am having a hard time keeping up and not being able to express myself on social media. I just feel there is this big distance and you trying to reach to people.

For example, it is a shame that on sites like Instagram the attention you get is mostly just spam or other people trying to lure you to their page 🙁 Nobody really cares about you (okey I am exaggerating of course!) or what you post, they are just there to get attention them self. I get followers from people that are literally just bots/adverts about your page getting more followers. What is the point in this? Do you really want to surround yourself with these people? Don’t you rather want people to follow you because they truly appreciate you and not because of selfish reasons? I mean I really appreciate the compliments I do get from the people that honestly enjoy my work, but it makes me wonder “Is it really all worth it”. Funny thing, I think it is! I mean, if we can’t appreciate the positive things in life, what else? It doesn’t take away it is still really annoying tough, but maybe it is just me :P.

I do get easily irritated by the huge amount of notifications (both spam and honest replies) you get when posting something on social media. Sure I love to get an notifications when someone sends me an pm or comments on something I’ve posted, but not on everything that happens! It becomes way too distracting and you keep checking your phone when that little light turns on. This is mostly an issue on facebook, where even tough I keep my friends limited you get a notification for every action you do. Even just a comment on someone else will create notifications and that seriously makes me not want to comment on other people anymore. If you could just turn that off (as a standard option) it wouldn’t be such an big issue (In my opinion facebook was way better in the old times, lol). It also distracts me too much from what is more important, my life and my work. Because of my bad concentration, it gets too exhausting for me.

Social media isn’t all that bad either, it works good for fun shares and laughs, getting inspiration or to spread out my work a bit more. I just don’t want to make it a full-time job to keep up with all of them on a personal (and social) level. Beside I am really old fashioned and didn’t get myself a smartphone until a year ago (Oké it was a gift). Maybe that is the reason I don’t like it that much, maybe I am too old for this stuff (just joking of course). Beside as a seamstress I can’t and I don’t want to be on the computer all the time and apps like Instagram do requires a smartphone :O so yeah I am happy with my phone ♥ and I can make awesome pictures now and share them online, huray! And that’s all that matters, right!?

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