Why blogging here!?

Why not blogging on other websites like, blogger, weebly or tumblr? Simple, I want to keep it personal (and looong) and I don’t do that on social media which I mostly use for sharing my work and fun memes (it’s more visual)!

I want to blog on my own website where I can share my thoughts in a simple way, without frills. Beside it’s useless to make a personal website if you make it a static one. It’s also nice to have everything in one place, for example don’t you just hate to say “Hey here is my website, but you need to go to this other place for my portfolio and my blog is somewhere else too” it just doesn’t stick. And that’s why I think WordPress is a perfect way to create a personal website with a portfolio and a blog! And that’s coming from a person that started to get really annoyed by wordpress, but I have to admit in the end it offers exactly what I want for a personal website.

On top of that I like to talk/write allot and I am not so much into small talk or minor post updates. For example, I dislike the limited words on twitter, but I do understand it tough…its twitter talk :3. This is probably also the reason why I have a hard time making time for a blog, since I get overwhelmed easily and spend more time on something then I expected to need. I literally can sit and start writing and sit hours to write my thoughts. Like now, I intended to just write an hour or so and ended up writing and editing a day. I guess I still have allot to learn when it comes to blogging. This is why I had to start splitting up my blog in parts (4 to be specific) and this is just a small part of it.

Another reason to blog here is I don’t like the pressure that comes with social media. I do use social media to spread my work online, so I can continue my work as an artist. However it is too distracting to go into more details or share my thoughts and that is why I chose too blog on my own website. I just want to express myself, empty my head, share my work/wip and grow as an person (without getting distracted or judged). If people happen to like to read my stuff, they are welcome to follow my blog here ♥ And for that I thank you! ♥ ^_^

I do like to share more about my thoughts on Social Media, but I will save that for my next blog update 😉

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