Projects for the upcoming month ♥

While writing my blog last Tuesday I’ve realized I should make more time blogging! Originally I wrote this and upcoming blogs last Tuesday, a month after the announcement of my new website. I know I can easily get distracted and talk too much about something (that’s why I also think a blog is perfect!), so I’ve decided to split that blog into 4 parts and schedule 1 every Tuesday.

Meanwhile I am very busy working on my commission work. I have lots of projects waiting to be finished and that’s why I wasn’t able to focus completely on uploading my work either.

I still have lots of old (websites/illustrations/graphic design) and new (sewing/art) projects I want to share with you all and on top of that new projects keep coming in too ♥ I must admit, it’s been really busy lately! But at the same time it makes me really happy that you guys keep me busy, because it is thanks to my supporters that I am able to grow as an artist and make new projects.

Now this is year is almost coming to an end and I still got lots planned for this year (both new and old things from my queue).
I will spend time on:

  • a few hoodie projects that will be uploaded later on my page (1 of 4 is finished)
  • I will also create a custom onesie for an artist friend!
  • schedule a few digital art pieces from my queue (commissions)
  • finish etsy orders (I have 5 splatoon hats on my to do list at this moment)
  • spend a bit of time on a personal gift for my grandparents (it will be there 40 years anniversary)
  • and just enjoy the holidays! ♥ ^_^

Lots of things to do! And I will make sure to upload them all in my portfolio page later on and maybe I can show or tell a bit more about these projects in my future blog ♥

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