Lets start this blogging thing…

Time sure flies fast! Just a month ago I was busy working non stop on this new website and soon after I gradually filled my page with portfolio items! I mean that’s what this is all about, to create a website where I am able to share my work…right!? ♥

Half true! I also just really want to blog, but because it’s been so busy I barely had the chance to make time for it. I have tons to tell and I have a million thoughts to share. The hard part is to take the steps to actually do it! Procrastinating is really a bad habit of mine and not just with blogging, but with projects, daily tasks and even in hobbies too. It is a huge challenge for me to stay focused and it can be pretty stressful, working on it tough!

I have to get used to the whole blogging part of my new website. I am not even sure if the grammar (english is not my mother language) is correct, I am just rambling here pure on feeling and hoping my readers understand me. But to be totally honest, I just really like to write and share my thoughts even if it’s just for myself!

For years I’ve been telling myself to start a blog, because I feel so restless. People always see me as this energetic person that talks allot and speaks her mind, but online I can be the opposite. However thoughts keep haunting me (even little unimportant things) and I hope for me a blog is a way to express these feelings. Wether it is work related, share hobbies, personal thoughts or an opinion, I will try to share them here. People may like to read it or not, I just feel it will help me to empty my mind. Of course readers are free to leave a comment

For now there are just too many thoughts at the same time and I need to get back to work 😛 so I will try to keep it focused for my readers and end it here. Until next time ♥

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