A new website!

Let’s talk websites, websites is a fast growing online medium and on top of that you as an artist and person keeps growing and changing too. You discover new things about yourself and what you like and because of that you like to do things differently along the way. A website is a way to represent yourself and that’s why I like to update my website every now and then.

I’ve used all kind of different techniques and approaches and you can check them here!

Today I’ve chosen to go for something simple, yet more personal. I also wanted a website that was more dynamic with a proper gallery for my work and a way to share more about me and what I do. I felt a blog was the way to go!

This new website will give me the chance to develop more in writing, since I always seem to have a hard time with that. But mostly a blog will help me to give more updates about my work, progress (photos), ideas, hobbies and just me!

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